Hey there, it's me, Bubbles!
How's it goin', bud?

Listen up, I’ve got somethin’ real special to tell ya ’bout. I’ve been workin’ on this new website where ya can get yer paws on somethin’ shiny and do some good at the same time! It’s a brand-new token, eh? That’s right, you can buy it and speculate all ya want, like bettin’ on the races we do with the shoppin’ carts!

But here’s the kicker, buds – listen up! Over at my Shed-N-Breakfast, we’re now takin’ BOB as a form of payment! And, hold on to yer hats, ’cause if you pay with BOB, you’re saving yourself 15% every single visit. And guess what? All the good stuff, all that help, it’s goin’ straight to the kitties!


That’s right, every time ya use your tokens at my cozy little setup, you’re helpin’ out the furballs. So, you get a sweet deal and a warm bed, and the kitties get a bit of extra kibble. Decent!

Alright, so this whole crypto thing is kinda new to me, but don’t you worry! Julian has helped me set up this fancy computer setup right in my shed. We’ve got wires and screens and all sorts of gizmos—it looks like NASA’s mission control in there, I swear!

Julian’s takin’ care of all the big brain stuff, like managin’ the project and doin’ the marketing. He’s got plans and strategies up the yin-yang! And Ricky, well, he’s gonna be hangin’ out with you guys in the community, keepin’ things lively. We all know how good Ricky is at stirrin’ up a bit of fun, right?

Stay classy, bud, and remember – keep yer stick on the ice!


TAX 0%

BOB only available while supply lasts.
100% circulating supply.

Install Metamask

Download it from the App store or search on Google for the Browser Extension

Bridge ETH

Go to bridge.base.org and bridge your ETH tokens from ERC20 to BASE network.

Swap to bob

Go to UniSwap, make sure to switch to BASE network and SWAP your ETH to BOB.


The BOB token is a purely fictional creation and is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with any real person, entity, or television show, including the Trailer Park Boys. All characters, scenarios, and events associated with the BOB token are entirely fictional and designed for entertainment purposes only.

All artwork and promotional material related to the BOB token are original fan-made creations and should not be considered official or representing the actors from the Trailer Park Boys television series or any other real individuals. The characters and their likenesses used in this project are created for fan tribute purposes only, under creative expression, and not meant to impersonate or falsely represent any real person.

This project is intended for entertainment and speculative purposes and should not be taken as an investment or financial advice.